Winnipeg Manitoba Food Handlers Certificate Course

Do you work in the food industry or with food directly?

The Province of Manitoba Food Handler’s Certificate is required for employees who have contact with the public and who handle food.

The Registered Dietitians at A Little Nutrition (experts in food microbiology, food-borne illness and safe food handling practices) have designed an online training course to be a certified food handler. Gain instant access to learn about safe food handling practices!

We want to help you and reduce the risk of food poisoning in your establishment, which might be a restaurant, a food truck, bakery, grocery store, church, or daycare. You might also want to take this course to improve your knowledge of food safety to ensure that you are providing safe food for your family and loved ones.


Fast track by learning online!

Study at your own pace, then write the exam when you are ready!

Benefits of our online learning course:

  • Time efficient. All the course material is broken down into 2-hrs of video recorded slides. Reading notes are provided along with the recordings. A typical in class course would be 6-8 hrs long and takes the whole day to complete.
  • You can learn at your own pace and when it suits your schedule (ex. on the bus, or on a lunch break)
  • Write the exam when you feel ready to do so.
  • Don’t have to waste an entire day sitting in a classroom setting.
  • There are no textbooks or manuals that have to be purchased; all the material is online for you to view at your convenience.
  • Writing the exam will be less stressful. You can take the quizzes and practice exam as many times as you want. You can schedule your written exam when you feel confident with the material.

Winnipeg Food Handlers Certificate Course

All participants who complete the final written exam, and pass will be awarded a Manitoba Health Food Handler Certificate. Passing grade is 70% and you will have to allow 2-months for delivery of your certificate in the mail. Your certificate will be good for 5 years and approved by the Province of Manitoba Health Protection Unit.

Who is this course for?

  • People who work in the food service industry, like restaurant owners, managers/supervisors, front line staff, line & prep. cooks, staff who are responsible for receiving and storing food.
  • Community center or church kitchen volunteers
  • Daycare facility or home daycare workers
  • Health care aides, home care workers, and care providers in long-term care homes.
  • Anyone who is concerned about improving their knowledge of food safety

Winnipeg Food Handlers Certificate Course

NOTE: In accordance with the City of Winnipeg Food Service Bylaw: No person shall operate a food service establishment unless the person in charge has successfully completed the Certified Food Handler Training program. Food Service Establishments with less than 5 Food Handlers must have a person on staff who has successfully completed the Certified Food Handler Training program. Food Service Establishments with more than 5 Food Handlers working at any one time must have a person who has successfully completed the Certified Food Handler Training Program ON DUTY at all times.

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Online Food Safety Certification Course in Winnipeg, Manitoba

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