Craving Change Program Winnipeg Manitoba

Craving Change (TM)

Are you ready to fix your relationship with food FOR GOOD?

Understand WHY you eat the way you do

Learn to MANAGE emotional eating habits

CHANGE your thinking, change your eating

Craving Change (TM) is a workshop that helps people change their eating habits by changing their thinking habits. Written by clinical psychologist Dr. Colleen Cannon and registered dietitian Wendy Shah, Craving Change™ is the #1 cognitive-behavioural program for problematic eating in Canada.

Saying “no” to temptation takes more than willpower. It’s about learning and practicing new ways of thinking and behaving.

The Craving Change™ approach has redefined healthier eating expertise by focusing on the more important question of why we eat the way we do. Most of us know that eating an apple is healthier than eating chocolate cake, so why do we often choose the cake despite our best intentions?

Throughout these sessions you will learn and understand:

  • Why it’s hard to change eating habits
  • Identify personal triggers for problematic eating
  • Learn to respond to food triggers differently
  • How to maintain changes made
  • Clients receive a FREE Craving Change workbook.

If you are an emotional eater or struggle with food craving behaviour, now is the time to make change!

“Change your thinking –> Change your eating”


Craving Change (tm) Program
4x 1-hr coaching sessions
Determine what causes "impaired eating"
Uncover your eating triggers
Work through 14 tools to help reduce food cravings
Implement techniques to keep the change
60 page workbook included
Available online or in person

Note: Dana Weber, Jillian Paulmark, Susan Watson, & Andrea Braun are the Craving Change (TM) facilitators at A Little Nutrition.