Winnipeg dietitian nutritionist

Winnipeg Dietitian & Chef team up for budget friendly recipes!

Winnipeg Dietitian & Chef team up for budget friendly recipes! 

Winnipeg dietitian Madelaine Morrish of A Little Nutrition (who also works at as Steinbach family resource centre) teamed up today with Executive Sous Chef of Fairmont Winnipeg, Timothy Palmer to come together to create a recipe for a cookbook full of nutritious and budget-friendly recipes. This cook book is for a very special cause! 

 It’s all part of a national campaign to support a push by Canada’s food banks to raise nutritional education. See the episode below!



Did you know? 

In Canada, over 850,000 people, more than one-third of which are children and youth, rely on food banks each month. Food insecurity is a real issue in many cities of this country and is something we all need to help solve. We hope to spread awareness and feed hungry families across the country.

As part of our efforts, CATELLI® Pasta has compiled a digital cookbook, Out of the Box: Healthy Family Pasta Meals on a Budget, featuring 15 recipes from across Canada created by top chefs and dietitians. *https://www.catelli.ca/feed-the-hope/


by downloading & sharing their free budget friendly cookbook. Click here for more info  



Winnipeg dietitian nutritionist

Get the delicious recipe here

Winnipeg dietitian nutritionist


Thanks Madelaine for your great suggestions on your top 3 ingredient picks and your nutrition tip! 

Note: The content from this blog post is directly from https://www.catelli.ca/en/ 

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