ABOUT Angela Tucker, RD


Vegan and plant based nutrition specialist

University/Clinical TrainingUniversity of Manitoba, Bachelor of Human Nutritional Science
Internship: Manitoba Partnership Dietetic Education Program
Special Interests: Vegan and plant based nutrition, diabetes, heart health, improving your relationship with food, health behaviour change

My name is Angela, and I am a Registered Dietitian. I work in many areas of nutrition and have a special place in my heart for vegan health. Supporting individuals to make healthy lifestyle changes that they enjoy is what I am passionate about. 

My Nutrition Philosophy:

I believe that healthy eating should be simple. That is, to eat real, plant based foods, and to take the time to savour and enjoy each bite! Whether someone is interested in going completely vegan or not, making the intention to include more whole, plant based foods is a cornerstone of healthy eating. 

Food is an important part of our lives that gives us so much more than nourishment. Food brings us together, strengthens community, comforts us and brings us pleasure. Food tastes good, and there is no shame in enjoying it!

Mindful eating, listening to our bodies and being conscious of why we eat are all essential to making and sustaining healthy behaviour changes. It is important to understand why you eat the way you do to form a strong foundation that you can build healthy habits on. That is where the magic happens!

As I see it, part of my role is to get to know my clients with a holistic mindset so I can support them wherever they are in their journey to wellness. 


  • Vegan and plant based nutrition throughout the life cycle
  • Pre-diabetes & Type 2 diabetes
  • High cholesterol & High triglycerides
  • Hypertension & Gestational diabetes
  • Emotional eating
  • Health coaching
  • Mindful eating & Non-diet approach
  • Preventative nutrition

Angela meets with clients via our online consultation services only. You can meet with Angela via Skype, Facetime, our secure Teleconference portal, or via phone. 

Winnipeg Registered dietitian booking an appointment


On a More Personal Note: 

I have been living a vegan lifestyle for a long time! Becoming vegan seemed like a natural fit for my values of living a more compassionate life, and I soon realized how plant based eating also benefits our health and the planet. The decision to eat an exclusively plant based diet launched me into an insatiable curiosity and passion for nutrition and health. Little did I know this passion would result in a serious shift in my career focus, and I could not be more grateful. In my free time you’ll often find me immersed in one of my many hobbies, such as gardening, recipe creation, yoga, reading, writing, travelling, and making music on my ukulele. My home is shared with 4 rescued furry felines who provide me infinite cat snuggles!

Angela Tucker A Little Nutrition Winnipeg Dietitian services

Angela Tucker A Little Nutrition Winnipeg Dietitian services

Angela Tucker A Little Nutrition Winnipeg Dietitian services

Angela Tucker A Little Nutrition Winnipeg Dietitian services