I’ve helped hundreds of people like you fix their nutrition by helping them form a healthy meal planning habit! Now I’m going deeper than ever with a special program for people who are committed to getting their meal planning in order …once and for all!

The Meal Planning Mastery Program is a weekly support system that will get you from no plan to planning and prepping your meals every week!

susan watson, registered dietitian

Relieve the stress of "recipe ruts", and continuously having to invent create new appetizing meals



I’ll be personally checking in with you every week and giving you the support you need to form and develop a meal planning habit that sticks!


I will be reviewing your progress and giving you feedback on everything from your recipes and your grocery purchases to your tips to navigate your unique lifestyle that will require individualized strategies. 


STOP panicking, and START Planning! No diets, no “one-size-fits-all”, you’re unique and this process is too.


How to design your 100% unique meal plan that suits you and your lifestyle.
Know how to incorporate healthy snacks into your diet to keep you energized for the day, and not overeat at meals
Know the batch cooking secrets to success that will save you time in the kitchen when preparing meals
Meal planning lifestyle strategies (how to travel, eat at restaurants, picky eater)
How to design inspiring & delicious meal plans that you can stick to!
Design meal plans around your hectic schedule and lifestyle
To be confident & competent with your eating and the foods you prepare!
How to plan, balance, & prepare your meals without flops, fails and frustrations.

The result is that you will be eating healthier by planning and prepping in 12 weeks.


No more excuses. Your nutrition is unique and I’ll help you form lasting habits and give you meal planning strategies that work for you.


I’ll kick your butt into action (and give you all the tools and support) to get you eating healthier and loving your nutrition!


12-Week Meal Plan Mastery Program
3x 1-hr Meal planning and prep. strategy sessions
9x 15-mins check in "to stay on track" sessions
Daily meal planning or meal prep support via email.
Receive feedback and a review of your meal plans to make sure they meet your nutrition and health goals.
New recipe ideas emailed to you every day for the full 12-weeks of the program!
12-weeks of meal plans & easy grocery lists to help you save time and eat better.
Get access to our weekly meal plan vault with over 40+ registered dietitian designed healthy meal plans and recipe idea inspiration!