Diabetes and Heart Health

Optimal nutrition is an essential component for health management. Nutrition counseling is ideal for anyone interested in learning how to promote a healthy lifestyle, prevent health problems before they begin, and successfully manage existing conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure.

How does nutrition counseling benefit you?

Use food as your medicine. Learn to understand the relationship between food and health.
Create a meal plan based on your individual food preferences/lifestyle, nutrition and medical needs.
Get a healthy eating plan to help you lose weight realistically and permanently.
Learn how to eat healthy to prevent chronic diseases and or prevent diabetes and heart disease.
Have an in-depth review on your use of dietary and herbal supplements (like omega 3 and vitamin D)
Gain clarification on common myths and misconceptions about nutrition.

You may have a few of the following questions:

“Do I have to give up eating my treat foods like candy and desserts?”
“What foods should I be avoiding and why?”
“Are there any foods are good for me, that I should me eating more of?”
“Is there special food I should be eating for diabetes?”
“Do I have to avoid all white foods, like pasta and potatoes?”
“How many eggs can I eat? Or do I have to avoid them now?”