Are you in a food rut, or is your eating getting you down? Are you ready to get your nutrition on track and start feeling better?

A Little Nutrition can go a long way to achieving optimal health!…and eating nutritious foods is one of the easiest and most important ways to change the way you look and feel. We are dedicated to helping you reach your nutrition and health goals.

Winnipeg Dietitian Nutrition that fits your lifestyle

Get professional nutrition help in the following areas:

Reaching your ideal weight
Planning/preparing satisfying meals
What to eat and exactly how much
Ending problematic eating/cravings
Strengthen heart health (improve cholesterol and lower blood pressure)
Managing blood sugar levels
Improving digestive comfort
Managing food allergies and intolerances
Improving your energy levels
Optimizing athletic performance
Vegetarian/vegan eating
Successfully navigate the grocery store
Eating healthy on-the-go
Meal planning for busy people on the go
Craving Change Program Winnipeg Manitoba


Craving Change (TM)Are you ready to fix your relationship with food FOR GOOD?

  • Understand WHY you eat the way you do
  • Learn to MANAGE emotional eating 
  • CHANGE your thinking, change your eating



Get one-on-one nutrition counselling on how to use food and lifestyle to manage or improve the following:

  • Diabetes or pre-diabetes
  • Cholesterol
  • Elevated blood pressure

Reduce your risk of health complications by getting your nutrition in check. One of our registered dietitians can help!


Digestive Health Winnipeg Registered Dietitians


Heal your gut and get guidance for using FODMAP elimination/ challenge. Restore your digestive system with either a 3 session or 5 session package. Your dietitian will determine and recommend the best course of action for you after the initial assessment. 

Live pain and symptom free again!


Are you a busy family always on the go? Ensuring proper nutrition for your family is important, at any age.

We can help you and your family with any the food challenges through the life cycle such as:

  • Busy family schedule
  • Introducing baby food
  • Toddler nutrition
  • Picky eaters
  • Teen vegetarians
Weight loss coaching Winnipeg dietitians


Get help to safely lose weight, or get help to manage your weight according to your goals.

  • Our weight loss coaching package:  Sign up for one of our programs and get coaching from our qualified nutrition and weight loss experts.  Our success program comes with meal plans.


Are you trying to get pregnant, or pregnant and want to make sure your nutrition is optimal? We will assess your nutrition needs and put together a plan that will ensure all your nutrition needs are being met. We can help with:

  • Optimize nutrition for conception
  • Healthy weight gain during pregnancy
  • Post pregnancy weight loss
  • Failure to thrive (ensuring you are eating enough for nursing)

Looking For Targeted Nutrition Help?

We have specific services to help you with your nutrition


Become a Skilled Shopper ~ Learn to make better choices at the grocery store!

Learning about what foods to choose to eat healthy in an office isn’t nearly as effective as showing examples. Become a smart and savvy shopper by booking a grocery store tour today! During this interactive and fun tour you will learn how to read food labels and make the best food choices for you and your family. $150 for 1.5 hr tour at any grocery store located within 15 mins. of one of our offices.


A step-by-step course on meal planning for people who want to eat healthier & end their meal time chaos. Transform your health - manage your weight!

A step-by-step masterclass that shows you exactly how to balance, plan, create, prepare and transform your life with meal planning.  Your dietitian will guide you through 3x 1-hr sessions to take you from ground zero to meal planning bliss! $325

One-Week Personalized Meal Plan

Our dietitians have designed hundreds of personalized meal plans that deliver results! After having an Initial Nutrition Assessment (in office or via Skype) your dietitian will design a one-week meal plan based on your individual caloric requirements, food preferences, goals and lifestyle. No two meal plans are alike. $300 Initial assessment, meal plan and follow-up appointment to review meal plan.




We offer flexible appointment times and location scheduling to fit your calendar. Nutritional counseling and coaching sessions are available by:
     •    In person (6 offices)
     •    In home appointments
     •    Phone
     •    Online via Skype
     •    E-mail  


We offer daytime, evening and weekend appointments for you to choose from. We will also send you some forms to fill out before your appointment so we can prepare to meet with you. Although not mandatory to fill out, the info. you provide us in these forms saves time in your appointment, and helps us better prepare for your session


Appointments can be booked during the following times at most locations.  Time & location is on a first come, first served basis and is dependent on dietitian availability

Monday – Thurs. – 9.00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Friday – 9.00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday – 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.