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Creative meal ideas for workday lunches

Do you need meal ideas for workday lunches?

Do you feel like you get stuck in a recipe rut from time to time, especially when it comes to workday lunches? Does your rotation look similar to eating out at a fast food restaurant, throwing together a quick sandwich, and eating leftovers from the night before …repeat, repeat, repeat? If you find yourself stuck in this cycle, and need some lunchtime inspiration, then we have some great tips for you!


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  • Build anticipation for your lunch.

Everyone can find themselves in a food rut where they’re making the same lunch over and over again.

Being in a food rut can make us more tempted to eat out for lunch because we’re searching for variety.

Choose to pack lunches that you look forward to having. You could make a plan to choose at least one new recipe to try each week to start adding more variety to your diet.

Try something new like a Salad Jar recipe!

Using a lid sealed tightly, these salads can last for several days in the fridge — up to five days or so.

If you’re making salads with soft ingredients or perishable proteins, like avocados, tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, or cooked chicken breast, wait to add those ingredients until the day you plan to eat the salad.

  • Use leftovers creatively.

Leftovers aren’t just leftovers; it can get boring eating the same things day after day, so find ways to mix it up.

Burritos for dinner, pack a taco salad for lunch (salad, beans, sour cream, cheese)… all the same ingredients, just repurposed.

  • Pack Protein.

Protein is very important component to lunch, and most people are not eating enough protein at lunch which leaves them with mid-afternoon munchies. Make sure to boost your lunch with protein like hard boiled eggs, chickpeas, almonds, nuts or seeds.  




Do you need help with meal planning or how to plan healthy balanced meals that energize?

A nutrition coach can help! We decode the mystery of a healthy balanced diet and help you feel good about your nutrition! Make the changes you need to feel your best.

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